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Order to Cash - Sales Workflow
  • Bulk import of customers through the Excel file
  • Create activity and task at the customer level
  • Create and log customer's communications
  • View all email communications (manual/system generated) for each customer
  • Keep track of available credit, past due amount, and open order at the customer level
Sales Inquiry
Estimates (Quotes)
  • SO can be converted from Quotation
  • SO can be generated from B2B or B2C (Only for Diamond Users)
  • Keep track of packaging and shipment of the SO
  • Package can be convereted from SO
  • Support for partail conversion from SO
  • Keep track of shipped and unshipped packages
  • Generate Package Label
  • Create Shipment from Package
  • Add multiple packages to the Shipment
  • Keep track of shipment by tracking number
  • Create Certificate of Conformity for each Shipment
  • Enforce QA on Shipment. Shipment cant be generated without QA Certification.
  • Generate shipping label from FedEX, UPS, DHL, USPS
  • Compare shipping rates from the leading carriers
  • Generate Proforma Invoice from SO
  • Convert Invoice from SO
  • Convert Proforma to Sales Invoice
  • Convert Invoice from Shipment
  • Multi currency Invoice to support foreign transactions
  • Keep track of automatic past due invoices (by days)
  • Setup Recurring Invoice
  • Setup Payment Reminder
  • Setup recurring payments
  • Apply partial payment
  • Email payment receipt to the customer
Sales Return (Credit Memo)
Sales Support
Procure to Pay - Purchase Workflow
  • Bulk import of suppliers through the Excel file
  • Create activity and task at the supplier level
  • Create and log supplier's communications
  • View all email communications (manual/system generated) for each supplier
  • Keep track of available credit, past due amount, and open order at the supplier level
  • PR is a gateway for all Sales transaction
  • PR can be converted from Inquiry and Quotation
  • Purchase team can update the price at PR
  • Purchase team can update the status for the sales team
  • Create PO and email to your vendor
  • PO can be converted from RFQ (Only for Diamond Users)
  • Can convert partial Qty from RFQ (Only for Diamond Users)
  • Generate GRN from PO
  • Support partial conversion of GRN from PO
  • Automatic stock update when GRN is created
  • Support for over tolerance
  • Generate Invoice from GRN (Only for Platinum & Diamond users)
  • Keep track of all invoices - paid, unpaid and past due]
Purchase Payment
Purchase Return
Inventory Management
Set Custom Low Stock Notifications
Set Custom Reorder Stock Notifications
Warehouse Management
Inventory Valuation
Inventory Aging
Price List Support
Bulk Inventory Import
Inventory Reconciliation (Manual Stock Adjustment)
Stock Summary by Variant
Product Price Adjustment
  • Create your own ledger accounts
  • Tag your various transactions with your own ledger account
  • Keep track of all ledger accounts with balance amounts with the drill down capabilities
  • Link your bank accounts
  • Download the statement and reconcile
  • Leverage system suggestion on matched transactions and search feature
  • Create a new transaction as you reconcile
  • Account aging report for customers and suppliers
  • Aging by - 1-30 days, 31-50 days, 61-90 and 90+ days
  • Drilldown capabilities on past due amount to find out unpaid invoices & bills
Balance Sheet
Profit & Loss
Trial balance
Opening Balance
Business Expense
  • Supplier running ledger report by date
  • Customer running ledger report by date
Amazon MWS, Shopify, Walmart, eBay
Amazon MWS - Listing
Sync Price Changes
Update, End, or Relist Live Listings
One-click Import of Existing Listings from Channels
List Products with Variations (eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Shopify, and Jet)
B2B and B2C
Online Store
Customer Portal
Flexible Checkout
Order Tracking
Realtime Stock Sync
# of users 1 5 Unlimited
Permissions Management
Approval Process
Audit Trail
Use Multiple Currencies
  • Track Expense and Income by Project
Payment Kiosk
Low Card Processing Fee - Guaranteed
Sync up with Alpide ERP
Setup projects to collect payment from Kiosk
Customized Kiosk Solutions
POS - Contact
POS Device


A custom solution for businesses.

To get a full overview of ERP solutions and implemenation plan, as well as details on pricing, please contact our Sales team.

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Frequently Asked Question

It only takes a few minutes to get your business up and running. If you have any questions during signup, our support team will assist you to make your onboarding experience great.
You have full access to the application based on the plan you have signed up. You even get free support if you have questions during your free trial. Once the trial is expired you have to renew the subscription.
Alpide does not ask for the credit card details during free signup. Once your free trial expires then you have to subscribe by making the payment.
You can change your plan anytime during the subscription period.
Alpide is a cloud-based solution. You just need an internet connection to get started.
There is no fee for canceling your Alpide subscription.